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Get to know me beauty blogger- You're all tagged!

Hello, I thought it would be fun to have a little questionaire to get to know me, and I will challenge all of you to do it as well! This first one will be more beauty related, a personal one to come later!

1) What is your favorite makeup brand?
NYXfor sure!!!

2) Your best beauty secret?
CONFIDENCE. It can make anyone look beautiful and even on your "ugliest" days, people will notice you if you exude confidence!

3) What was your first experience with makeup?
When my mom took me to the makeup counter (Clinique) to buy blush! As bad as my memory is, I remember the exact moment she said we could go! It was all over!!

4) If you could have your own makeup line, would you?
Of course I would!!! It would have animal print packaging and instructions..yes I've planned it out. I wouldn't do it unless it was big enough to be in stores but small enough to not be out sourced overseas... so in other words, never happen. It's not something I ever plan on pursuing.

5) What is one makeup "look" you can't stand?
NUDE LIPS!!!!!!!!! CAN'T STAND EM. I look at a few pics of mine where I don't have much lipstick, or heck even something shiny would work, and they make me sick..just sick! ha. Theres a few pics that I have seen that are ok on other people, but for the most part-I need some color. This is hard to coordinate and not look like a clown with as much as I love color on my eyes, but I don't believe in that rule "Big eyes, nude lips"..You just have to do it the right away!

6) If you could change anything about your face, what would it be?
My big nose!! Especially the way it looks in pics since I do a lot of close-ups, it looks bigger. Also, the way I look when I smile with my teeth.

7) What is your best feature?
Uhhmmm my eyes maybe!

8) If you could change 1 thing about the beauty industry, what would that be?
It makes me so sick the way society says you have to look!! Everything is photo shopped and made to look "perfect"... not many people look like that and frankly, I think a lot of the pictures look worse... way too skinny or no flaws- looks fake!! There's actually tons of people that so many think are beautiful that I think are very ugly (Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie).

Don't you think a little imperfection makes perfection?!!?!!

9) Would you rather write a blog, or read one?!?!
Defiantly write! I could write all day long but I hate to read. Some blogs are way too long and can't keep my attention- So I have to skim through them or read them in "parts". I just can't stay focused very long!! Beauty blogs are much easier to read for this reason!

10) The one beauty mistake you regret most?
That I didn't start my business sooner so I would be further along by now! Also, that time I turned my hair bleach white when I was first learning to color, doesn't bring back good memories!!

I hope you enjoyed and I can't wait to read yalls!


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