Barbie World + weekend recap

Happy Labor Day!

I didn't have a good time as you can tell by my face lol

Happy Labor Day!!! I know I haven't posted in a week guys but my internet was down and it seemed to take forever to get a technician out here either way i'm glad to have it back. Last night I went out with my girls, one was visiting from out of town and I hadn't seen her since high school. It was my FIRST time going to a club with my natural hair style but the hair style got more compliments than anything which made me feel good that I wore it than a wig or straight hair.

Although I did not enjoy the party much I did enjoy being around my girls and getting out of the house for some fresh air. Speaking of air....IT WAS COLD OUTSIDE!!! The weather has changed which has prompted me to blow the dust off my sweaters and boots and get ready for the colder weather. I didn't want to face the fact that summer has left me but fall slapped me in the face last night so I gots to get it together lol. I hope all of you are doing well... regulars posting will resume this week,until then here are a couple more pix from last night ttyl! :-D

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