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My Workout And Weightloss Regimen

Thursday Sept.22nd

Hey everybody! So i know that i have been procrastinating about loosing weight and it has finally caught up to me. About two weeks ago I started walking for one hour every morning and doing at home Zumba videos for one hour. It wasn't until this pass Friday that i realized how big i have gotten and how SERIOUS i have to be with my diet. I went to the doctor's office this pass Friday, they asked me to step on the scale i looked at the number and FROZE in utter SHOCK... my mouth literally DROPPED!

Guys.....brace yourselves... i weigh 202lbs!!! This is THE biggest I have EVER... EVER been in my life! Don't let the main pic fool ya,all my weight goes to my hips and bootay(pics coming soon)
I felt slightly depressed about the weight but at the same time i know i have no one to blame but myself. I will be 31 in November and the one thing i have come to realize is that i CAN'T eat hotwings, bbq ribs,loaded mash potatoes, greasy burgers,pizza,and tons of other junk food anymore. I have not been active all summer mostly because this city depresses me and when i am depressed what do i do....EAT! I am totally motivated now and i aim to loose 35lbs by december 31st. My regimen is as follows:


  • Walking intervals with jogging. I'm not good at jogging for an hour... i will die if i try so instead i walk 15 mins jog 15 mins walk 15 mins jog 15 mins until my hour is complete
  • Zumba. The last time i lost a lot of weight in 2008 i'm sure my Zumba dvds had a lot to do with it. I would do Zumba for 2 hours NONSTOP and sweat up a storm lol
  • Gym. I'm not a big fan of the gym because i don't use all the machines. Like i literally just do the ab thingy,a LITTLE eliptical, and well that's it but the gym is a good change up from my reg. routine.


  • Chia Seeds! As you know from my previous post on chia seeds, I swear by it! I haven't used any in like 3 weeks because i keep forgetting to pick them up from Whole Foods when i am there. I will be heading there to pick some up ASAP as they help to keep my sugar balanced which in turn helps me with my constant sugar cravings.
  • Absolutely no fried foods! This is something i have stuck to since like June and i haven't missed it at all so i will continue to stay away from it!
  • NO eating after 7pm. I know some people say after 6 but i have to be realistic because when i have dinner it's usually after 6pm.
  • Heaviest foods for lunch NOT dinner. I remember reading on a few different health sites that it's best to eat your heavier meals earlier in the day because it gives your body more time to burn it off. I found that to be very helpful and true the last time i lost a lot of weight so i will be doing this again.
  • Get a to go box BEFORE your food comes. This is a good practice i used to do that helped me a lot. If i go out to eat i ask for a to go box before my food even gets to the table. That way when it arrives i automatically dump half of it into the to go box for lunch the next day and eat whats left on the plate.

So far this is what i got, i am still weeding out the bad foods from the good foods but overall i know that i just need to move my butt which i am doing now. I will post pics monthly to show you all my progress... i need some motivation guys... don't let me slip... or i'm coming after YOU *crazy eyes* hahaha j/k but a little motivation always helps ya know? I know i've put you all to sleep with this loooong post hahaha have a good sunday all :-)

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