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Planning My Protective Styles For Cold Months

A Beautiful Bun! I will try to mimic this one!

As most of you know the colder months are the months you really have to give your hair extra attention to keep it from breaking off. No matter what texture your hair it needs to be shielded from the snow and harsh cold winds. These are the times i wear my wigs the most and sometimes the occasional sew in. This year i am planning out what style i will wear and for how long. Here's what is what i've come up with so far:

  • October- Beginning of November: Half Wigs

I'm Wearing Outre Quick Weave "Izzie"

  • November-Mid December: Sew In with a Curly/Wavy type of hair

Picture is from my bday 2008,sew in done with Milky Way Deep Wave

  • December-Mid January: A Full wig

SAGA Indian Remy Hair Lace Front Wig - LOOSE DEEP (Wet & Wavy)

  • Mid January-End of February: Box Braids

I've been wanting to get them for a couple months

....Not sure what i will do the remaining cold months but i will think of something creative. My hair care regimen will change as well but i will save that for another post. Have a good one guys :-)

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