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S.W.A.Y Cosmetics You already know my love for S.W.A.Y Cosmetics. The setting spray and the primer are definitely “go to” products for me. Yes, Brenda, the owner is my friend, but I will always be honest with you about any products. If she stopped making the setting spray, my life would end! Ok, maybe not end, but my face would melt off! I like the one from Urban Decay as well, but it's a little more on the costly side and S.W.A.Y has some great ingredients. I have really been loving this party girl collection. I created a few looks with it and I had a chance to take a few pictures. Here is one of them. I will add the second when I have a chance to upload it. The good thing about her eye pigments is that it really does take very little product. I have been using this quite a while and I really don't think I will ever run out; That's a good thing!! I get compliments at school every time I am wearing it. I absolutely love "Diamond". I try and reach for it daily, but then I have to remember that people may not want to see white eye shadow on me every time they look at me. :) It really is the best though. It goes on and blends nicely and it's sparkly! We love things that sparkle, don't we! The primer is 50% off right now and now comes in stick form, hooray!! S.W.A.Y primer. Read this past post regarding this collection: If you want a cute little pigment tower that has everything you need, grab it... don't forget the Diamond though, you need it too… trust me, you do. GOT GLITTER? Grab some… Glitter Kerrie
1) Prime your eyelid with S.W.A.Y eye shadow primer. Make sure you get the primer on your whole lid and smooth it out.
2) Use a eyeliner brush and place the blue along your lash line, getting as close to your lash line as possible and extend it upward as in the picture. You may need to hold your eyelid taunt as I sometimes have to, it helps you gain a steady hand and make the line sharper.
3) Apply the purple shadow. If you have a hard time creating the shape that I made, use the eyeliner brush to create the shape and then fill in.
4) Apply the Diamond color. Patting it on helps intensive the color.
Make sure you lightly blend as you don't want the colors to mix too much. Sweep your blending brush over the colors from one side to another. Sometimes a swiping motion is best but with this look, the white can blend and have a purple effect if you swipe.

Hope that helps!

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