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The Natural Hair Club

You know since I've become fully natural I can't help but feel like i'm part of a special "club". Every time I see a natural we either wave at each other, give a slight nod, smile, or just stop and have a brief conversation.
It makes me feel happy and proud when I am able to relate to the stories of our growing and sometimes challenging natural hair. Even men with dreads and afros give me that "right on sista" look and it just makes me smile. I love it... I really do.

My swagg has changed... i swear..I now walk with a bit more pep in my step. Strutting and proudly show casing my natural hair haha. Sometimes I catch people staring at me and I love that too, the curiosity look they have on their faces is priceless. I don't bite and I try to keep a friendly look on my face so no one will be scared to ask me any questions, I NATURALLY have a mean look that post on my face when I am concentrating.thinking about something. Even my baby pictures show the same mean look lol. Tell me..have any of you ladies had any similar experiences? Even if you have permed hair?

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