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The red that never quits

Hey Fellow Lipstick Lovers!
Doesn't a great lipstick make you feel kind of powerful? Admit it, it does! Especially a bold red. Don't think you can wear red? Of course you can, you've just got to find the right red! I adore this one. It's from Milani- Lipstick- Red Label Lip liner- True Red I put it on about 5:20 before school and didn't reapply. At 10pm it was still going strong, almost as fresh as when I applied it. I had a whole bottle of water and a small snack too. It's amazing. This lipstick would be great if you're going somewhere and don't have time to re-apply, or heck, just don't want to. Easy steps- 1) Make sure lips are exfoliated, clean and dry 2) Line lips with the liner. Line lightly around the outer corners, smooth with finger tip. 3) Color in lips with liner to make lipstick last longer and help prevent "liner lip", know what I mean ladies, yuck! Blot lips with a tissue to remove excess. 4) Apply your lipstick (with a brush if you like!) Make sure it's not on your teeth! SMILE!!!!

Which red do you love?
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