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Walk On.

I'm a big fan of walks. As Elizabeth Bennett would say to Mr. Darcy, "I'm very fond of walking."

She must walk A LOT more than I do - girl has some serious collarbones.
I like them anytime - in the winter, spring, summer, and most especially fall <-- are you sensing a theme? I'll try not to go overboard with my adoration of fall in every single post.

Our dear little house of dreams is steps from Mt. Washington's Grandview Park, and I love taking Bailey up there to romp around, sniff lamp posts, charm the neighborhood kids, and generally work off a little bit of her energy. Last night was particularly nice. Huge, dark clouds were scattered across otherwise deep blue skies, and the sunlight glinted and winked as cool breezes rustled the trees.

Bailey and I take generally take these walks as a twosome, however, because the fact of the matter is that Kyle doesn't love walks. Or like them, really. Or even feel mildly ambivalent about them. He kind of avoids them like the plague. Why? I don't know. Probably for the same reason I wouldn't jump at the chance to go shoot a basketball. Because that just wouldn't be fun for me (though I might give it a try once in awhile... hint, hint. He doesn't even read this blog, haha).

Still, I persist in asking pretty much every night if he wants to go on a walk. Visions of Anne and Gilbert taking sundry strolls through Avonlea dance in my head...

I'll even promise not to bash him in the head with a flower basket, as she does in this scene.

You say you'll go for a walk? My dream man!  Alas, Kyle has more of a Darcy attitude toward the whole thing...

Another walk? Seriously?  Really, I just wanted an excuse to post a bunch of Pride and Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables screenshots. And mention my love for fall again. But yes, walking.
As my mom used to say, quoting Titanic, I may seem like kind of an indoor girl...

See what I did there? Managed to slip in a Titanic screenshot too... although it's important to point out that Googling "Rose Dewitt Bukater" is probably NSFW.

But really, I think I'm becoming quite outdoorsy, in spite of my husband. Possibly.

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