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Counting Down to My Chi-town trip....

It's Monday... ughhh! I swear when i saw this freggin' pic i almost died laughing! I feel like this through the week,the weekend is like my holiday or something or at least it feels like a holiday. This week i'm even MORE excited than I normally am because i will be heading to the CHI-TOWN!!!! Whoo hooo! A well needed trip with the girlies. I can't wait to hit up H&M,Zara,and the NEW Topshop the shopping in Memphis SUCKS!!!

I haven't done much of anything all summer, just cooped up in the darn house. Not this weekend... no buddy! I'm gonna party like i was T.I. straight out the half way house haha. A few weeks ago I ordered this dress to wear on Saturday from one of my favorite online stores) in hopes that i will be able to fit it. I think i am gonna be ok because i have lost some kinf of weight. I wanted something simple and black so i went with this little number...

I just LOVE the sleeves!

Now since i am dieting i am trying to talk to myself before i get onto Chicago soil with all the deep dish pizza, REAL philly cheese steak sandwiches, Garret's Gourmet Popcorn, and those yummy chicago-style hot dogs *rubs stomach*. I HAVE to fit into that darn dress.....but maybe i will just have a little bit of each just to satisfy my cravings *sneaky grin*.

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