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How to make your lashes really long- No falsies for you!

Hello all!

I've had several people ask how I get my lashes so long so I thought I would let you know my favorite mascaras and how I apply them so you can try at home. It does take some time!
Don't worry, the more you do this, the faster it gets!

1) Use eyelash curler on top eyelashes for about 3 seconds each
** You can run the brow comb thru them too if you want, but I don't always do this.
2) Mascara primer (it's best to do right before mascara so focus on one eye at a time)
3) I wipe the edges of the mascara brush off as I pull it out. I consistently blink my eyes onto the brush and swipe the brush (I only swipe once or twice, mostly blink) onto my lashes. Make sure you half way close your eyes and go down the tops of the lashes as well. Just blink blink blink until they are as long and thick as you want them!
4) A little extra on the outer corners to make your eyes pop!
I only put a little bit on the bottom lashes!
I also keep the wand out to use later if I need more, putting it back in the tube adds too much mascara for lashes that already have some on there. I mean, keep it out ONLY during the process. Don't forget to put it back or it will dry out!

If your lashes get clumpy, try these to tricks I use

* You can use an old mascara wand with none or hardly any mascara on it to help lengthen, separate and de-clump.
* Use the eye brow come and go thru your lashes to get out clumps
(then apply a little more mascara with your wand that hasn't been put back in the bottle (if you did, its ok, just try not to put a lot as you already have some on )
My favorite mascaras are:
* Loreal Double Extend Comes with primer
* Lancome Hypnose

There you go. Try this at home and send me a picture!

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