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Just FAB Cosmetics Setting Spray

Don't you hate when you come home from a party or date and find that your makeup has worn off?? I hate that disappointment when you look in the mirror after a long night, and you look like you haven't even tried to put on makeup… "What about all the pictures I was just in" goes through my head!! Are you tired of having to almost totally re-do your makeup by the middle of the day? I sure am! Well, except that I love to put it on but sometimes it's not convenient! I have been searching for a good setting spray! I have tried several and finally found one that works, isn't expensive and doesn't have a terrible smell like some of the others. I really don't feel like spraying myself with something in the face that smells like it shouldn't be near my skin... so thank goodness I found Just FAB Cosmetics!!!

Just FAB Cosmetics Setting Spray
FAB Setting Spray - Vegan -2.2 oz 7.99 Not a bad price at all people!
Here is the info from the web site:

Description: used to set mineral powders after they have been applied. This fabulous Spray is also convenient for refreshing and hydrating your skin at any time. FAB Setting Spray can boost your skin's radiance, as well as minimize age spots, sun spots and fine lines. Fabulous for all skin types, including oily, sensitive, normal and combo skin."

I asked the owner, Brenda, what ingredients are in this wonderful product to help with all these things. This is what she had to say:
"White tea extract helps skin fight wrinkles, protects against breakdown of both elastin and collagen. Green tea extract fights free radicals, rejuvenated skin cells, fights inflammation, and soothes acne. DMAE helps reduce wrinkles. MSM helps repair damaged skin, wrinkles, brown spots, scar tissue."

I am excited to hear all of this; a product that sets my makeup, helps it last, and fights wrinkles- Where's the Costco to sale this in bulk?!?!??!!??!!! She also suggested that I spray my face with it after I wash my face....since it has all of those good qualities; I think that's a good idea!

To use: I apply my makeup and hold it several inches from my face. Then I spray my face several times and let dry. Don't get too close or it will streak your makeup, or at least that's what I did the first time I used it! It does work, and I really hope you like it. It makes my life a little easier... sure I may still powder my nose a little here and there. That's where I am oiliest, but this has cut down on that TONS! You will probably only need to apply some more lipstick! Oh and don't forget to buy some of Just FAB's eye shadow base, it keeps it on through the whole day and night.

Other sprays I have tried:
"Model in a bottle", didn't work at all for me and wasn't cheap.
Elf's setting spray.. I cannot get past the terrible smell! It didn't seem to work for me any of the three times I used it.
I am really loving Just FAB's products. I cannot wait for her new things to come out. I really encourage you to check out her page and her shop! She's a great person too, and we at Gorgeous-Glamour support good people with great business!!

Have a Just FAB DAY! Oh that would be a cute "slogan" for Just FAB Cosmetics!

Just FAB eyeshadow!!
- Kerrie

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