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JUST FAB COSMETICS - All mineral makeup

So, I entered a contest and won some free eye shadow- whoop, whoop! Little did I know that I would really like the products and the owner- Brenda. She is a great person, and I know she would always give excellent customer service! She has contests from time to time, so make sure you LIKE her FB page so you can enter when they come around! This is a statement off the Etsy shop about Just Fab Cosmetic products-

“Just FAB Cosmetics offers all natural mineral makeup. You will NOT find any bismuth, talc, chemicals, oils, fragrances, synthetic dyes, preservatives, parabens, or additive in my makeup. I have sensitive skin, so I relate to a lot of people out there that struggle with constant breakouts and irritation to the skin. Everything I offer is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and will not expire. "

This is a list of the products that I have tried so far-
* FAB Setting Spray I am always on the lookout for something that makes my makeup last. I've always had the problem of it wearing off way too soon! I've tried a few and found one that works- Urban Decay, "All Nighter". Unfortunately, it is $29.00 for a 4 oz. bottle @ Ulta. I can't afford to be buying that for myself all the time. This one from Just Fab Cosmetics is a 2.2 oz. for 7.99 plus shipping. Better value for your money, and it works well too!
Eye shadow- I've tried 4 different eye shadow colors-

Starry night
Pacific blue
Cerulean (one of my new favorite colors, ever!)
At first, I was thinking of how small the containers were. However, as I started using them, I realized a little goes a long way. I didn't have to get near as much product out of the container like I do some other brands. Also, I like the smaller size because it doesn't take as much room in my makeup bag... which is always a plus. I like the animal print touch too! It's a good value.
Color Corrector: Green- green covers red!
This works at covering red really well. I have a red spot on my cheek from sun damage that I’ve tried to correct through the dermatologist. It helped a little, but I've given up. This stuff covers it up very well. I just pat a little on before my foundation, and then dab my foundation/powder on and it helps it disappear!
Check out her other color correctors here-

Look at all these colors:

Pacific Blue & Starry NightCerulean

Go and get some eye shadow samples-

Coming soon to Just Fab Cosmetics-
Eye Dust (pigments) and pressed eye shadow

Just Fab Cosmetics Links.!/JustFabCosmetics?fref=ts 100% percent positive feedback on Etsy!

I believe these products are of great quality and plan to try some more soon. You will be seeing some more blogs from me about Just Fab Cosmetics.
We need to support small business and people that care about there products!!
As with any company, I will always give honest reviews, and tell you exactly how something works for me- good or bad. Please remember to check out these products/ingredients for yourself.
- Kerrie

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