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Lovely Beauty Box-August

Lovely Beauty Box
Hello fellow beauty lovers! Subscription boxes are such a popular thing right now! I have only subscribed to one before but happened upon what, I believe, is going to be a great subscription service! It's geared towards Latina women but as you can see from the products I talk about below, the products can work for all of us! Right now, I will review the products in the August Lovely Beauty Box, and I will blog later about how all the products worked!

" Lovely Beauty Box, with a generous assortment of the latest hair and beauty products, delivered directly to your doorstep every month. The subscription service is $20.00 monthly (free shipping) or for $200 (free shipping) yearly. "

As you can see from the statement off the website above, the cost is $20.00 a month for this box, and that is about average for a subscription service. I have spoken with the owner several times. She is a beauty addict just like us, and I hope we can expect great customer service if there were to be any issues. I didn't have any with my first two. They came right away, and the packaging is classy. The first thing that I noticed when I received my box is like I said above, the packaging is very nice. I know that can seem like a little thing compared to what's inside, but it did make a great first impression. The thing I liked best was that on the inside there was a gorgeous pamphlet with information about each product, and what they do. That impressed me because I don't have to go on the Internet to find out what my new products do, so it saves me time in my day- which is always a good thing. I think this will be a big plus for this subscription service! Most of the writing is in English and Spanish! * Crush ceramic flat iron 1 inch!

I know how well ceramic works and am excited to try this. It heats up to 450°F (I would never recommend using at maximum heat), so I am sure it won't have any problems straightening my mess of frizzy curls! Ceramic plates are so much better on your hair; less damaging and helps cut down on the frizz. Make sure you use a heat protectant with this! I have never heard of "Crush" before, but I found it on for eighty dollars. What an amazing thing to get in your $20.00 beauty box!!! One day soon, I will use this for one side of my hair, and my Chi for the other and we can compare the two! * Crush mini travel size-

So little but soo cute, perfect for touch ups if you don't have tons of hair. If you have a lot of hair like me, it would take you forever to do big touch ups. However, those few little pieces around your face that get curly throughout the day would do nicely with this... The small size makes it perfect to throw in your purse or gym bag and would really come in handy! I found one of these on Amazon for $30.00. The price of the items in this box already far out ways the subscription cost! Plus, you can buy some of the items from the box on their web site, and that makes it convenient for products you want to re-purchase! * " It's a 10 miracle" hair products-

Miracle Hair mask!! Doesn't that sound heavenly! Almost anytime I turn on a TV or the computer, I am hearing about this new line. So excited to get samples so I can try before I buy... and more than one sample- 7, count them 7 trial sizes! That is fantastic because we all know one sample doesn't cut it... you need to use a product several times before you can see if you like it. I take good care of my hair and treat it right, so I can't wait to use these. Typically, I don't need expensive products like these, but I am glad to test them out! There are 10 things this mask says it does- *Detangles *Restores moisture balance *Instantly restores elasticity *Softens *Imparts luminous shine *Enhances natural body *Nourishes *De-frizzes *Improves color vibrancy. Let's hope it does all that. I would be thrilled if it would just give me more shine and De-frizz. I am hoping this feels like those conditioners that come with hair color- those make your hair feel like silk. I found this at CVS for 32.99 for an eight oz. tub of it. I am all about using natural products for my hair now a days, so it would take a lot for me to purchase this when there are other things like olive oil and at-home masks. However, I have been wanting to try it, and if it does work well, I may look for coupons/cvs extra bucks or beauty club points to purchase. * It's a 10 miracle styling serum- Now I get the name- "it's a 10" because this says it does 10 things also! *Adds shine *Controls Frizz *Seals the cuticle *Nourishes the hair *No build up *Resists humidity *Smoothes the hair *Protects color *Alcohol free *Creates slip. Sounds like your normal hair serum. I love Sally's brand so I will check this out and see how it compares. Anything that prevents humidity here in TX is a wonderful thing. Five samples came! 4 oz. is $20.00. Expensive products! I find that expensive doesn't always mean better. I will keep you updated on how they work. Good thing I have lots of samples to try!
Check out The Lovely Beauty Shop today. I think we may be on to something good here… I will keep you updated! The review of the September Lovely Beauty Box is coming soon!
Facebook: Make sure you LIKE their page The shop: Go browse and find these and other items for purchase!!! I like their beauty tips section!!! I will be letting you know how these products work out. Anyone else have this box!?!?

Let me know what you think!
-Stay Confident, Stay beautiful! -Kerrie

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