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Lovely Beauty Box- September

"Lovely Beauty Box with a generous assortment of the latest hair and beauty products delivered directly to your doorstep every month.The subscription service is $20.00 monthly (free shipping) or for $200 (free shipping) yearly. "

* Arosci High Beam Shine Treatment- "Aromatherapy & Science" "Silicone rich formula delivers illuminating shine" These kinds of serums are great for shine, smoothing the cuticle and frizz free hair-will be comparing this against the one I normally use. This was a good sized bottle (with hair serums, you typically don't need much). It also came with a pamphlet for the Arosci line, which is good because I have never heard of it. Have you??! I couldn't find any place on line to purchase this, so I will have to do some checking around. I will look, and post when I let you know how it works. I did see some information that this line has a treatment that is comparable to the Brazilian blowout! Normally, with a subscription service you get very small bottles, or at best, a big sample… so I was really shocked to see this generous sized bottle in my box.

* Pureology Precious Oil- Shamp'oil & Precious oil softening condition samples. "For brittle, dull, color-treated hair". Key ingredients are- sunflower, coconut, olive & jojoba oils. Those all sound like quality ingredients to me, and I love using olive oil on my hair! I don't really have brittle, dull, color-treated hair anymore, like I used to, however, I will use this right after the next time I highlight my hair and see if it helps eliminate some of that dryness/coarseness I tend to get right after (before some deep conditioning). I could only find this sold in salons. can go to their site, listed here, and it will lead you to salons in your area. They have a whole system of products that may be worth checking out.

* Diamond Shine full size Moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. "2x more shine and strength" Shampoo- "2x the shine and strength. Soft, shiny, luminous locks." Conditioner- "Detangles, smoothes cuticles, and shines." Although my hair is healthy and sometimes shiny, I still can't achieve that silky, shiny hair as well as you see on tv. Maybe this will help! I don't use shampoo anymore and really that has been one of the biggest things to turn my hair from dry/course to healthy! I will however give this a shot! I can't believe they sent full size products; that rocks!!! Plenty enough to let my twin sister, Kellie, try too. We will report back to you! I found these @ Sally's Beauty Supply for $7.29 12 oz. so shampoo & conditioner in the subscription box cost should cost $14.58 plus tax. The whole box was $20.00 with no tax, you do the math on that. The Lovely Beauty Box was a great deal!! Not to mention, all I had to do was open my front door to get it! Call me lazy if you will, but I love when beauty supplies come to my door!

* Cuccio naturale butter. "Hydrating butter blend for hands, feet, and body."

I’m not gonna lie, any lotion with the name butter in it, catches my attention! In the sunscription box came 4 full size samples. Usually, you get that little bitty sample that's good for just testing the smell. I was pleased. The scents are-Tuscan, Citrus Herb, Milk & Honey, Pomegranate & Fig, Papaya, & Guava. Make sure you cut the whole tip off and not just the part that looks as though it is too be cut, or you won't be able to squeeze it out… Don't worry, the tip fits back on! I hope by doing that it doesn't dry up, will keep an eye on that. However, it probably won't have a chance to because I've already used the Tuscan Citrus Herb, and it felt great on my hands… which is a big deal, because I am very picky about what lotions go on my hands. I hate ones that feel drying or too powdery. I have tried this several times, even today, and I am impressed. Great size to fit in my purse, also. Hope they sale the samples like this to anyone! The smell of this one is not over-powering, which, for most people is good (although I sometimes like a strong scent!). Go look at the first page of their catalog, and try not to fall in love, won't happen... :

I hope you like what you see, I sure do. Makes me want to wash my hair and pamper myself with those body butters today!
I got a peek on The Lovely Beauty Shop web site at the October box, can you say MAKEUP!!! I can't wait. Go get yours now!!
Facebook: Make sure you LIKE their page The shop: Go browse, and find these and other items for purchase!!!

I think we are going to find they are a wonderful company, and well worth the money! Let me know what you think if you subscribe to them.
Stay Beautiful- Kerrie

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