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My first post!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog for my business- Gorgeous-glamour!
* Makeup artistry for any event, including lessons and "Sparkle Parties" for little girls!

I have always had an obsession with makeup! I get so excited at a new product or learning something new to try!! Call me crazy, but there's just nothing like a brand new thing of makeup, is there?!?
I have been doing this for years on friends and people who wanted it done for their weddings etc, so I thought, why not make a business of it?! I believe I have a natural gift in this area and am always trying and learning new things.

I think we should always try to help other people and I think this is one way I can accomplish that. To help women feel good on the inside and outside, enhance their natural beauty Jesus already gave them, and give them more confidence. Confidence is the key to looking and feeling great! Let your beauty from the inside shine onto the outside and let me help you build your self-esteem and give you the confidence you need to live your life to the fullest!

I will be posting blogs frequently keeping you up to date on my business, pictures and eventually videos!
* Make sure you check up my "How to" blogs. I will also review products and blog on tips and tricks to bring out the best in you!
- Don't forget:
When you look better you feel better, and it gives you more confidence..and confidence is key!

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- Jane Storm

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