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My Halloween Weekend w/The Girlies!

"Sex Kitten,Chucky,Sexy Clown, and Storm"

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! WHOO HOOO!!! Yay, Halloween is FINALLY officially here! I had an AWESOME weekend with my girls, just good old fashion fun :-) Friday my bestie and I dressed up as the
"Zombie Prom Queen" and "Betty Boop", we hit up a couple parties that our friends were throwing. Saturday was the day we were looking forward to because we were going to be joined by our two other friends and when we are all together it's REALLY a party lol. Check out a few pics below and the video has clips from our Saturday night at the club. What did you gals do this weekend?

Friday night i was a "Zombie Prom Queen", I scared EVERYBODY muhahahahaha

"Yummy BRAINS... my favorite"

My Mother (Midniht Fairy) & Me(Sexy Clown)