Barbie World + [weekend recap]

My Weekend In Chicago: OOTD,OOTN,Shopping Haul, and so much more

Alrighty, I now have all my vids & pics uploaded. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel then you've already seen some of these videos. I didn't want to make a post until i had all the vids uploaded because I wanted them all grouped together in one post. I did not participate in the OOTN because we went out for like one hour and the club SUCKED! I was NOT gonna waste my cute outfit on that "hood cave" of a club we went to so i decided to save it for my ATL trip next month. My Chicago trip was great mostly because of the shopping and FOOD. I ditched my diet for the weekend but felt guilty as I was biting into my deep dish personal pan pizza,and nibling on my Garrett's Popcorn. I'm back on my diet again and i'm joining the gym tomorrow since it's getting cold. Check out the pics and vids and tell me what ya think. Have a good one y'all

Wig Review: Outre "Mercedes"

OOTD: Shopping In Chicago

Haul: Chicago Shopping

OOTN: The Girlies Heading Out