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I have been really working on keeping my nails looking nice. I don't think they will all ever be the exact same length but at least they're not tiny numbs right now. I love wearing nail polish when they look decent. Here are two that I really like right now. Of course they are pink and blue!!
Do you feel that only expensive nail polishes work well? Think again! Check out below the $0.99 cent NYC nail polish. It went on just as well as my OPI or Essie (some of the higher priced polished). I don't think you have to spend a lot of money to get quality products and this polish proves it. It dried faster than a lot of others as well.

$0.99 cents!! "uptown" 

I used NYC matte top coat on this 2nd pic. $1.99 is all it cost! I absolutely love Matte polish. It just looks cool to me and it saves on the drying time! It's kinda hard to tell the difference here, I guess, but I love the way it made this blue polish look.
Where to buy? CVS, RITE AID, TARGET, Kmart, Wal-Mart, DR (Duane Reade) Buy some of the NYC polish and post a pic on my FB wall, or share it with NYC, they will love that!
Keep it Matte, I say! Here's what the press has to say-
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