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Rustic Halloween Dessert Table

I worked on a little project with the fabulous Kristy of Posh Pixels Design Studio to showcase her LIMITED EDITION Halloween Printables (only 20 sets will be sold)! You may notice some items are becoming a signature part of my dessert tables. I'm totally open to working with other shops~ I just figure "if it ain't broke, don't fix it";) I love the shops I work with, and I hope you will too!

We worked with a lot of deep pinks, oranges, and cream. If it were totally up to me every dessert table I designed would be rustic. This time I mixed it up a bit by using a burlap table cover and a black spider web table runner.

Mini Dirt Trifels. I got the Dirt Cake recipe from Kristy! It was delish, and if anyone wants it I can ask her if she'll share;)

I think these are the coolest Mini Jello Shooters EVER! I love how the gummy worms look like they're crawling up the glass! These would be cool in red (blood) too!

Have you ever seen Hershey Kisses look so gorgeous?! I found Hot Pink, and Orange Kisses to match Posh Pixels gorgeous Limited Edition Kiss Stickers! Love them!

Hands down~ my favorite item at the dessert bar! Mini caramel candied pears infused with peach honey sticks.

Oh~ Martha! Where would I ever be without you?! Sweet Meringue Bones as "Tricks".

Remember these adorable little doughnuts from Dough A Deer? Well, I had to have them for my "Treats"! You must order them! Not only cute~ but YUMMY too!

The ever so sweet Charynn from Two Sugar Babies sent me some Cream Pumpkin Fondant Toppers to go on my pumpkin pie cupcakes!!! So perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving too;)
*I hope you enjoyed my sweets, and be sure to stop by all my links for your Halloween treats~ I swear I didn't plan that out;)

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