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Trying To Whip My body Back Into Shape (My before pics)

Hello my fellow readers! I have not posted in almost two weeks,i just haven't had the time. Christmas is coming soon,i've got gifts to buy plus i am getting a new car at the end of the month too so i've been working like a dog. Speaking of working, this morning i was working out and my step brother stopped by. Since he was here i asked him to take some pictures of me since i haven't been able to find anyone to snap these "before" pictures of my body as i try to loose weight so these pics are from TODAY

I know I've lost some kind of weight over the past 2-3 weeks because my pants are very loose around the waist. I will weight myself on this coming Thursday or Friday to see how much I've really lost. I started out at 202lbs and i am aiming to loose about 30-35lbs by December 31st. I know i can do it and best believe i am working super hard to reach that goal, i just can't believe i let it get this far. There's no one to blame but myself, it's not as easy to loose the weight in my 30's as it was in my 20's that's for sure still I try to stay motivated. To be honest,looking at these pics are quite depressing. I want that mess off my body like NOW lol! I do hope everyone is well and i will try to update more often this week have a good one dolls :-)

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