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Hello Everyone!
Thanksgiving is almost here, ready for some turkey!!
Just some reminders on putting your best face forward this season:
Washing your face and taking care of your skin will help your pictures look their best!

* Remember to wash your face every night. It is best to stick with a regular routine but in a rush, I use makeup wipes. There easy and get all that mascara off! My regular remover is Beauti Control Skinlogics, works great (when I'm not too lazy to use it.) I'll admit, my skin hasn't been the clearest lately, so WASH YOUR FACE!!!

* It is EXTREMELY important to take off ALL your mascara to help prevent dark circles in the morning and start fresh! Be careful not to tug or pull those lashes out!

* Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week. Your skin cells re-new nightly and you need to scrub the dead ones off, I TRY to do this every couple of days..a light scrub would be good daily! I love apricot scrub, if use daily- please do very gently! Don't forget your lip area, a toothbrush used gently or product like Beauti Control Lip Apeel is good to help prevent wrinkles. I love the Lip balm that comes with it, it actually HEALS, not just feels good like chap stick!

* I try to use a deep cleaning mask every few weeks or so, once a week would actually be terrific! Everyone skin is different but I like Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque! Biore also use to make these self-heating mask, awesome!!

* Moisturize the WHOLE face, neck and back of neck. A moisturizer with Vitamin E is great although right now I'm using Oil of Olay (LOVE IT!!!) I'm using the day and night cream. Walgreens has their own cheaper version too, they are good!

* I apply an eye cream nightly as well. I am trying some different ones coming up and will blog about them. I recently heard on Dr. Oz that certain ingredients can do more damage than good, I am checking into this! Make sure you apply it to crows feet area (even if you don't have them yet)!
Moisture for the face is very important to help prevent and repair wrinkles!

***** It's sometimes hard to do all this in the morning and you shouldn't have makeup on when you wake up anyway, so wash with water (although here is where a little exfoliate would be great) and moisturize, and go! Oh wait, Don't forget to apply sunscreen !!!!

* Make sure your mosturizer penetrates before you apply your makeup, so it won't slide right off!
 * Make sure you are using the right color foundation so you don't look to white in your photos, a little bronzer never hurt! I like applying white eyeshadow on my brow bone, but be careful- too much can make your eyes look older in pictures! A little in the inner corner makes your eyes pop!
* Don't wear too much foundation,blush or lipstick, too overwhelming for photos.
Stretch your neck out a smidge to help conceal any unwanted neck flaws :)
If your think your cheeks are too "cheeky ",try this after you apply shadow:
Hold bristles close together ( in a straight line way) and dip in blush, a little darker then what your wearing is good, and apply under cheekbones... just make sure it's not streaky!

Alright, send me those pictures of your holidays and fresh, gorgeous faces!

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