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Hershey's Theme Party

My son's 16Th party had to have a Hershey's theme! His nickname is "Hirshy". This party was a challenge for me from the start! It was a SURPRISE, and in addition to that I had to make sure it wasn't " girlish " (I have a tendency to make things very girlish ). I mean- have you ever seen a "boyish" cupcake stand? Maybe a "baby boy", but not a 16 year old boy! We couldn't give out kiddie party bags, we had to make "SWAGS" (above). In the end all of our hard work paid off. The party was a hit~ and he was SURPRISED!

The Centerpiece

The Cupcake Stand

Table #13 (part of the Candy Bar)

The Dessert Bar

Framed Vellum Photos (age 1-16) with tea light candles

The moment of SURPRISE!

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