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I guess they needed it more than me....

I just purchased a new car,well a 2010 toyota corolla an i've been wanting that car for some time now because the corolla has a great reputation and with the gas mileage being 35mpg it was a no brainer to go for this car. I purchased it on Saturday November 19th and was uber excited, well,the day i decided to start going to the gym was the day my nightmare came true. On wed. nov. 23rd, I was on the treadmill at my local gym for exactly 55 minutes before they closed, as i was walking out to my new car i noticed the passenger door was open... MY CAR WAS BROKEN INTO. My heart was shattered just like the glass on my passenger seat,i felt violated and hurt as I sat on the curb calling the police. They must've saw my sweater sitting on top of my gym bag which they probably thought was a laptop bag judging by it's shape. I did foolishly have my purse tucked under the passenger seat so they got that. Inside was my beloved digital camera, my wolf ring,new makeup palette, company cellphone and other misc. items. My only digital camera is gone so there won't be any videos or pictures anytime soon. I do have two cameras on lay-a-way which i hope to get out soon but until then i'm "cameraless". Not ONLY did they take those items but they also took my FRESHLY made chicken apple pecan salad from Wendy's!!! I'm thankful it wasn't me being held up because this is the time of year for craziness... people are getting desperate. The cost of the repair to the window set me back which means i will be working MORE overtime this week to get me back on track at the same time those are all material items and i am already replacing them as i type. The lesson is....BE SMART, this is the time of the year for thieves and they are trying to come up anyway they can so be careful and keep your car free of any valuable belongings.

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