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I've lost some weight,Birthday festivities have started,plus i'm heading to the "A"

B.irthday O.utfit of T.he N.ight: Thrifted dress,vintage blazer, shoes

Well another year means i'm getting older *sigh*. I wanted to kick my birthday off on this past Saturday early with my M-Town peeps. I didn't really want to go to a club or anything, i just wanted to have dinner,drinx, & laughs. I had such an awesome time, i was super happy all of my closest friends came out to celebrate with me. I had my dinner and this quaint little place here in midtown called "The Blue Monkey". Some of my friends were like "Uhhh what's up with this place" but by the end of the night I had the girls on the floor cutting a rug hehe. Check out a few pics below:

My Co-worker & fellow Panamanian Guillermo

My Coworker Carter

My B.F.F, mom, and me

My coworker Deborah

My girls never fail me

Da coolest dude eva... Sean

Now i'm counting down til i'm back in the "A" with my girlies! Wednesday I am heading to Atlanta for 5 days to visit my friends and celebrate my birthday. For those of you who don't know I lived in Atlanta for like 7 or 8 years and I tend to visit like once or twice a year now. I do miss the "A" but being that it was not an option for my brother and his family (nurses don't get paid enough there) i decided to say goodbye to Atlanta :-(

Annnyyyywho, in case you haven't notcied i've dropped a few pounds! Yup yup, people are noticing! My coworkers,friends,and even my family are like "Hey,you are REALLY loosing weight". From the time i weighed myself until Oct.31st i've lost 13lbs *does the dougie*
Yeaaaahhh boooyy! I really have to go H.A.M this month because i have started off the month with no working out because i have been tired from working 50 hours a week. I've finally chosen a gym to join and it's time to get the toning done so there will be no more slacking... just serious iron pumping lol. I won't post the FINAL pics of my weight loss until New Years Eve so it can me a little more dramatic so stay tuned until next time kiddies......

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