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Pamper Those Strands

Brrrrr It's getting colder outside! I've stocked up on sweaters and scarves and now I'm really about to get serious with my protective styling. It has been a little warm on my side of the world so i have been taking advantage of that weather by alternating between wearing my hair and wigs but now i can't play around anymore. One big NO-NO for ANY type of hair is to wash it with scorching hot water. The heat from hot water sucks the moisture right out of your hair leaving it dry and brittle and you need all you can get at this time of year. Ladies make sure you are moisturizing those ends and tucking them away as much as possible. I know we all want to show off that "Jermack Bounce back"<showing my age, but too much rubbing against clothing will eventually cause severe damage so be careful. I hope you all are doin well out there,i'm doing my thizzle over here trying make dis paper *in my young jeezy voice* hahaha have a good one muah xoxoxo

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