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So You Want to Be a "Knotty Girl"?!!

Why do i want to go natural?

I asked myself that question the first time i went natural, for me it was just the fact that i was tired of perming. I was "texlaxing" for years and decided I was ready to go all out. I've always loved big hair and standing out in the crowds. The first time I went natural I didn't know HOW to rock my natural hair so I rocked it straight with the help of dominican blowouts. I still suffered, cringing everytime it started to rain, or I started to sweat in a crowded nightclub. My friends would say to me "Deb..your hair is GROWING!!" Meaning it was getting large and poofy. Yet still I insisted on rocking my perm-free straight hair.

NOW that i am on the journey AGAIN, i have come back ready to handle all hair situations and embrace my big,poofy,kinky,natural mane. I've researched a WHOLE more and i am loving the results of my transitioning hair. I decided doing the "big chop" wasn't for me so opted to long term transition meaning I will cut about an inch of my hair every two months.

1) I STOPPED using shampoos with sulfates, cones, and parabens! Instead opting for organic shampoos and adding a little of my favorite oil to the bottle.
2) I pre-poo EVERY shampoo day
3) I co-wash at least once a week which has helped tremendously with keeping my hair manageable and my new growth soft and lush.
4) I ALWAYS deep condition!! ALWAYS! Every week i make sure i deep condition, if I don't I can definitely feel and see the difference in my hair when styling.
5) Take pictures. It keeps you motivated seeing how far you've come and how much more you have to go before reaching your hair goal.
6) Try to stay away from hard bristle brushes and small tooth combs as they can cause some serious breakage. I don't even have a one in my house... actually I am lying,i have one but lost it somewhere and can't find it but it doesn't matter anyways because I don't use it. I use wide to combs or my paddle brush.

Well, those were just a few of my little tips, I could go on and on and on in this post but I will save some more tips for later ;-)


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