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Toe Tags

So this is what we served up for Halloween. Thanks to Mrs. Limestone, I had "toe tags" to go along with my perfectly manicured feet this Halloween! I must say- It was a challenge deciding what name to put on the tag. I looked up all sorts of scary options, until I started to scare myself, and had to shut the computer off completely for a while! Then I decided to look up Vampire names. That led me to a " Vampire Name Generator" site. Never knew there was such a thing! After playing around for a while, I decided to try my maiden name (I convinced myself it was okay since that part of me can be considered dead now;), and it produced a sorta intriguing name- Genevieve Beau Pre. In the comment field I put D.O.A (dead on arrival), and it was as easy as that!

Mass production

Thanks~ Mrs. Limestone it was fun and easy! I'll file it away for next year, and see what I come up with!

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