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Younique 3d fiber eyelashes mascara

MASCARA LOVERS- I am always up for trying a new mascara, so I'll make the sacrifice for yall :) A new friend sent me this one, the Younique 3d lash fiber mascara. I couldn't wait to try this. I read the directions to a T, or so I thought. I wound up with fibers all over my face, so please, read the directions! I now love this mascara! You will too once you get the hang of it. It's really a lot simpler than the directions seem at first, they just want to give you step by step. I can apply it really fast now. It makes your lashes really long. Another great thing is my lashes weren't itchy at the end of the night like my other favorite mascara sometimes does to me.

Make sure you curl your lashes first and make sure you use the gel again after the fibers!! Make sure you follow Jennifer: She is always posting good tips and new products! I have never been successful with their types of business, but Jennifer sure is. You can get more information here, find out more about her products, how to join and start making money- This picture is one of the first times that I used this product. I wanted to show you that even when your first learning how to use it, it is amazing! I am able to put it on quicker and even better now. I will add another picture soon. Currently had a chemical peel and not wearing makeup.

Let me know here if you have tried this. Would be great to give as a present for Christmas!! - Be your own kind of Younique- Kerrie

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