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Blogger Inspired: Jeimy

Hey,hey,hey lol
The girlies and I decided to go to "Blue Fin" to grub on some yummy sushi. Being that I BARELY go anywhere I have outfits like put together and hanging up in my closet (i know i'm a dweeb). This outfit was actually inspired by my fellow friend and blogger Jeimy. From time to time I stumble across a blogger or friend who's style catches my eye and Jeimy's always been one of them.
I've had this dress for like 4 years and when i saw Jeimy rocking a similar outfit with tights and ankle booties a light bulb went off lol.

Heres what I looked like in the dress when i first bought it a few years ago:

Labor Day weekend 2008

And now:

Enjoy your day ladies, i'm heading back to my bed to snuggle under the covers and watch netflix lol Ciao

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