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It's that time ladies, Time to Party!!! Here are some helpful tips to help you along....

1) Make sure your washing and moisturizing your face, really improves the smoothness of your face when you apply your foundation.
(exfoliating helps also)
2) To cover up any imperfections use concealer! Usually after foundation is best... otherwise you may just be wiping it off. PAT PAT PAT it on.
3) I use a face primer to help my foundation stay on longer.
4) Don't forget those lashes (Look for my "falsies" blog)
5) Red lipstick works on almost anyone but be careful if you do a lot of eyeshadow, you could wind up looking clownish.
6) Silvery and Glittery are GREAT for this time of year!
7) Don't forget oil blotting papers if you tend to get a shiny nose!
8) Don't forget your nails, people do notice!
9) Suck your cheeks in and apply blush right under your cheek bone to help slim your face
10) SMILE ALOT!! Confidence looks good on everyone!!
Enjoy your parties ladies!!

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