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Like the look of eyeshadow but life's got you busy???

Hello girls,
I have to admit, I have been so busy lately..I haven't been doing full eyeshadow all the time!! I know, my signature thing..just too busy. Not to mention my face is a mess from some sun damage issues (will blog about that later when I am brave enough to show you!)..Plus, Don't have to do full makeup for my job..little lazy lately. Not my style. BUT, I have been just applying light eyeshadow (cream, silvery, light beige etc), just sweeping it over my eyelid and not taking as much time as I usually would to get my crease just right or highlight my brown bone. Just take a good eye shadow brush and sweep the light color over your eye and presto, little bit of color-no fuss. Make it simple yet you still add a little sexy to your eyes!
Just a note ladies, sometimes light eye shadow can make your eyes look older in pictures!!
* Whats my favorite eyeshadow brush?
Eco Tools Bamboo Eye shading brush is perfect for a quick application!
5. 29 at Ulta!

* Want to know what silvery eyeshadow Ive been wearing the most of??
L.A. Colors- DOLLAR STORE! I do not recommend much makeup from there but this is actually good stuff! Less than 5 bucks. Who doesn't love that?!?!?!? GO GET it for the holidays lady!!

Show me your Holiday makeup pictures ladies and don't forget I still have some bookings available for those Christmas Parties!!

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