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New years look with flawless skin and glittery/smokey eyes!

Hello! Ready for a new year? I sure am! I wonder what the year will bring..Lot's of joy, happiness and family/friend time..I hope.
.... and some new makeup is always nice :p
I posted a picture earlier ( the one in the red shirt), this blog is based on that! I will go step by step to show you how to recreate this look for your night on the town!
* I know a video would be better, hope I am able to make one soon!

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Ex. AQuick Tip: Don't forget to pat your concealer instead of rubbing it in. This will assure better coverage! White concealer looks best for under eye circles. You will notice in some of my pictures mine are bad, it's because I was REALLY tired or out of white concealer because it really does work!

For eyes:
1) NYX shadow base will keep your eyes look terrific all night!. 6.99 at Ulta and you just need a little bit. Helps glitter stick on too! don't want naked eyes at midnight so go get some!
Make sure you put it all over your lid, up to your brow!

Ex. B2) The black (or any color!) - Using a eye shadow brush (see in Ex, A) start in the middle of your lid (lay your brush almost flat) and sweep to the outer edge. Next, angling your brush and use the tip
( see Ex. B) to get the shadow just above the crease. Opening your eye while your doing this part helps you keep it even all the way over the crease.
When you have it just were you want it, use your blender brush to soften the crease a little so you don't have such a harsh line.

3) Next I apply white eyeshadow right above the black and inner corner of lid. You don't have to be super neat with this part because it gets blended anyway with the white glitter you apply next. Apply the white glitter in a patting motion over the white, I didn't apply it to the inner corners but of course some falls there anyway. The eyeshadow base you applied earlier will help this stick. You may need to re brush your eyebrows to get any shadow out! A teeny tiny brush or a eyeliner brush works well with this job!
*You may want to hold a tissue underneath your eyes to catch any fall out, and if you've already done your mascara... You can just go back over your lashes with one swipe. You could hold a business card (not mine!!!) over your lashes to catch eyeshadow fall out too. This is why I do my foundation last sometimes, eyeshadow can be messy and I can do any clean up BEFORE foundation. A q-tip and makeup remover can be your best friend, or a makeup remover wipe!

4) Black Glitter eyeliner (mascara if you haven't!) and presto sexy gorgeous eyes!!!
Oh one more thing I like to do, add a little glitter to the pout of your lips, for a little extra sparkle!
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Ex. CNotes: For a straight across look with the black, hold your brush as in Ex C.
Don't forget to use your blending brush lightly!!!

Now you see why I apply foundation last sometimes, messy!!!!

The following are items I used for this look:

* Rimmel Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer 001
* Rimmel 25 hour Foundation 102
* NYX Slide on pencil in Black Sparkle
* LA Colors Ammunition- The sparkly black
* NYX Glitter Mania in white
* Concealer to match my Skin tone (out of that white, again!)
* NYX Eyeshadow Base White
* Clinique Blush in Breathless Berry
* Lorel Double extend mascara waterproof- black
* Eyelash Curler and Comb
* Elf All over color stick and white glitter-lips
* Elf eyeshadow brush (for the black)
* Elf blending brush
* Elf eyeliner brush- for glitter!
* Big fluffy brush for powder and blush!

Lot's of q-tips and makeup remover/wipes!
Ok ladies, if any of you try this look....send me a picture.
Have a GORGEOUS night out and please don't drink and drive!

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