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November Weight Loss? Eeehhh Not So Much....

Sssoooo uhhh yeah, I fell off in November y'all hahaha. I just could not say no to the yummy cakes my boss made for my co-workers and I, I could not turn down the Thanksgiving Turkey,mac n cheese, and cornbread, i just couldn't so to keep it real with myself i decided to pick my diet back up at the beginning of January. That way I won't be working these crazy hours and there will be no tempatation around me *sigh*

For the month of November i lost 3lbs which puts me at a total of 16lbs lost TOTAL. No es tan mal if you think about it. I'm not piggying out or nothin like that y'all. This month i will continue to watch what i eat but i will occasionally "spaz out" on a slice of cheesecake or two lol. Now come January, no more... i swear lol.

I hope you all have been doing well, i'm still sin camera so bare with me pwease :-D

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