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Winter skin blues...

Love winter, hate the feeling of dry, scaly skin?? Follow some of these easy steps/suggestions and feel moisturized and refreshed!

* Add a little baby oil to your bath water, you can even rub a little in your skin!
* Make sure you put moisturizer on right after your shower, helps lock it in.
* Using a humidifier in your room adds moisturizer to the air and to your skin.
* A good exfoliating will take off those dead skin cells and help you feel renewed!
* I have a small addiction to chap stick, but's just wax... Use a healing/medicated balm or plain old Vaseline, it's your lips best friend! There are several lip exfoliates too. Mary Kay & Beauti Control have great ones!

* At night you can apply Vaseline (or a heavy lotion/cream) and wrap your hands in baggies and then socks to help soak in the moisture overnight. I honestly don't like the way this feels but did try it before and it does help. You can always just do it for 10 15 minutes before bed.
* Make sure your using a good body wash with added moisturisers. Some good ones are Dove Deep moisture and Oil of Olay, I like the Lusciouse Embrace. It smells like heaven!
* The best thing you can do, drink plenty of water. Keep your insides and your outside hydrated!
Take care of your skin ladies, you will be thankful you did!

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