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At home beauty treatments!!!!

Hi chicky's,
I've been reading up and wanting to try some cheaper/sometimes more natural at home beauty remedies and I wanted to share two I tried with you!!! Who couldn't save a little cash, right?!?!

1) Baking Soda scrub
Add a little baking soda to your facial cleanser and scrub, not too hard! This is a good way to exfoliate. I tried it and it seemed to make my face feel fresh and it certainly seem to help my blackheads, even with the first try. Baking soda is so cheap and good for so many other things, makes it easy to keep on handy!!

2) Whitening your teeth with peroxide and baking soda.
I have used baking soda before and it did seem to help however I think using this too much with strip your enamel so please ask your dentist about this.
The peroxide made my mouth feel cleaner but I didn't notice it doing anymore than the baking soda did, for me anyway..maybe after some more time.

Below I have put some links to some more home remedies I want to try, thought you might like to as well:

Lemon scrub for face-
This girl is REALLY good at makeup/beauty!

At home hydrating mask-

Just discovered this site, and loving it- Hair treatments-

I will be trying some more things in the future. Let me know what YOU like to make at home!!


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