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Dear friends,

As most of you know I have a Makeup Artist Business called Gorgeous-Glamour, I have a blog, tweet, facebook the whole works. I do not sale makeup, I apply it... Weddings, Parties, dates etc. Even parties for little girls. This is what my business DOES, But Let me explain to you what my business is ABOUT: Please take the time to read this to the end...

First a little story:

Yesterday I was at the mall at a makeup counter where a lady was asking the store cosmetics girl if she would makeup her face.."I want big eyes for tonight" she kept saying. The Cosmetics girl would barely look at her, seemed as if the lady was a bit of a bother to her. She just told her "We only do ten minute makeup". Ok, so go do her eyes for her in ten minutes, was what I was thinking. I have a feeling the reason the lady was not being treated nicely was because she was "not beautiful by the worlds standards" which really upsets me. She seemed like a sweet lady and that made her pretty to me! I suggested she have her eyes done at this store (trying to be nice and respectful that it was a retail store) and go to Lancome to finish. The girl who worked there still wouldn't look at her, she was picking out something for her but you could tell she wasn't really into helping her. I really wish I had my makeup bag with me, I would have done her makeup right then for her! I did give her my card, it would be a honor to help her learn how to "get big eyes!".

This is the reason I started Gorgeous-Glamour to help women (men as well!) feel good about feel beautiful and confident! There are plenty of girls out there that can teach somehow how to put on makeup, but to me it's the whole process. To build that person up, to make them feel gorgeous and not just like a "client". To give them the skills to re-do what they may learn in a lesson and put the power of confidence in their hands (even if they choose not to wear makeup that day!) I have a very good self-esteem now but I sure didn't at one time. I had probably the WORST you can imagine. It took me a lot of hard work and a lot of JESUS to re- gain that positive self esteem. I would be more than happy to share with anyone the steps Jesus led me through, let me know if you need it!!. I'll be honest, a lot of times when I look at a women I instantly think "oh this makeup would look good or this hairstyle would look good on then" but it's not a judgmental thing. I am obsessed with makeup. I am about how it looks, how it feels and how it makes me feel about myself so therefore I naturally think of how it could enhance/change/ make other women feel good to. But CONFIDENCE is more beautiful than makeup. Helping others and making a difference in the world, beats makeup any day!

Here's my philosophy in life "If you don't use what Jesus has taught you in life, it's wasted" So true and that is what I am trying to accomplish with my business. It breaks my heart that people are treated the way this lady was at the makeup counter and I sure hope I am wrong about why she was, but this is why I started Gorgeous-Glamour. I am about using my Jesus given talents to help other's feel good. Mainly women and young girls. How many young girls have terrible eating disorders and low self esteem because of what this world tells us we are to look like, to be able to help them would CHANGE MY LIFE FOR SURE, I have a very big place in my heart for them. If I am able to reach some men along the way in any way, then I am double blessed to help! It Is important to work on beauty from the inside out. Having a healthy lifestyle from the inside out and building that self-esteem will take you far in life!

Let's remember friends, We all have flaws, none of us are perfect and we are ALL God's children. I know MANY of you build me up and make me feel good, for that I am very thankful. The world would be a much better place if every person complimented someone even once a day!! Thank you for reading this blog and finding out a little more about what Gorgeous-Glamour does. Although my dream is to be a popular beauty blogger, have a big following and clientele, as long as I help other's..THEN ITS ALL WORTH IT TO ME!! I am so happy when I get feedback from you all that I have helped you in some way and taught you something new (makeup or life!).

Let's go out there and change the world with the things HE has taught us!!!

Gorgeous-Glamour's motto:

When you look better, you feel better, and that gives you more confidence, and confidence is key!
- Makeup Artist Jane Storm

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