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Early Valentine's Party!

Since my anniversary is on Valentine's Day, we (my husband and I) usually try and go away some place that doesn't involve kids;o) So we had a early Valentine's Day party this past weekend! I don't feel too bad since I'm already seeing EASTER stuff out on the shelves!!! I'm sure I'll be doing more baking and crafting with the kids as we get closer to Valentine's Day, but we sure had fun this past weekend!

Mason jars filled with sugar coated marshmallows and large Conversation Hearts

Love these Heart Peeps dipped in chocolate and sprinkles!

Cute packaging for the Heart Peeps and Cupcakes

Take home bags

*Most everything was DIY and very inexpensive! I got lots of stuff from the dollar bin at Michaels. I'll post more detailed pictures and a tutorial on rose topiary soon!

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