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Loosing Some Weight Y'all

Went H.A.M. on the treadmill & did a series of sets with my trainer
Well i'm still on the weight loss and loosing it!! On january 4th i did the hollywood diet and i didn't stick to it so i didn't loose any weight at all for the two days i drank the juice. You're not supposed to eat but i couldn't contain myself.

On that same day i weighed myself at home and i THOUGHT i weighed in at 184lbs but when i joined the gym on that following thursday (january 12th) and got weighed it said 189lbs(damn cheap home scales). I looked all disappointed and my trainer was like "Don't worry about it, you will loose it so fast". Here it is january 28th and i OFFICIALLY weigh 184lbs now. I kinda feel down cause i'm noticing the weight loss in my stomach and thighs but that ass.....oh boy, oh boy that ass of mine won't budge UGHHHHHH!!!!

I know it won't officially go away but i know it will go down a bit because the last time i lost alot of weight my thighs,hips, AND ass went down to a nice size and i was pleased with my over all look.

Summer 2008 I weighed 153lbs
I'm not really interested in being that small again, though i wouldn't mind it but i think i looked best at 160lbs.....................

Nov. 2008 my 28th bday 160lbs
Just looking at these pictures makes me kinda sad *sigh*, Dios Mio how did i let it come to this?!!! Its ssooo hard to get it off especially as you get older yet so damn easy to put it on smh. Either way i'm trying to stay motivated and i am aiming to be at 174lbs(10lbs lighter) by the end of next month. I think i'm going to start dancing salsa again, when i was living in atlanta i went dancing at least 3 times a week and that helped me stay nice and slim. Enjoy your Saturday gals :-)

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