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Making sure your washing your face..when life's so busy!

Hey busy people, We're not really that busy, are we?!?!? Just work, school, life, spouses, bosses, business, cleaning… I could go on and on. I, for one, am very busy. I am about to move, trying to have a baby, running a business/blog, working PT, and about to start school! So, how will I keep washing my face and keeping my skin looking good when I am too exhausted to move?!?! Well look below, and see some of my tips. 1) I really get sleepy at night and feel that I just can't wash my face, so the biggest thing I do (really it’s a little thing but makes a difference) is that I don't wait to wash my face right before bed like I use to. When I am winding down for the night, I go ahead and start. I wash my face in steps sometimes. Wash, then come back later and tone, come back later and moisturize. The reason I sometimes do it this way is because I may be in the middle of something and don't want to spend 5 minutes (I know right, 5 minutes, but sometimes it is easier to do this way) washing my face. Also, I use a lot of products. So to me, it's nice to let them really soak in before I apply the next. 2) I now almost always use a wipe to get my mascara off and take most of my makeup off first. This helps a bunch. I know it seems like an extra step, but getting your mascara off this way will really save on the rubbing of your eyes! You can always leave some by your bed in case you forget to wash your face, at least you get this part done! 3) It makes a big difference for me if I have everything handy. If I have to go to this cabinet for moisturizer, and that cabinet for my cleanser, it just takes extra time that I don't have. Make sure you have everything you need in one basket or spot because searching for items because they’re lost, is frustrating and leads to just forgetting about it. I know this sounds like an easy idea, but in our efforts to keep a "pretty" bathroom, we don't always do this. Keep a pretty basket around for all your things so that you can leave it on the counter and it’ll still look great. 4) I use eye cream and Vita E around my eyes, so I combine this step now. I may find out while I am going to Esthetician school that this isn't the best method to get results, but I don't see why… so for now, it saves a step. Here are some of the products I use and love: Cetaphil.& 5.99 for 8oz Target, Walgreen, CVS, Walmart Why? Because it is very highly recommended by dermatologists, and because it's not expensive. No need to buy expensive products that stay on your skin for just a minute. Simple Exfoliating facial wipes. $4.99 @ Target I love these. They work so well! ELF eye replenish &3.00 This stuff has saved my under eye skin. I used to have dry, scaly skin and if I consistently used this, I don't have any of the dryness! Olay Night Firming cream. Around $5 @ CVS. This stuff is amazing, smells good, and keeps my face soft! The most important thing you can do to stay young looking, help makeup apply better, and feel beautiful is to take care of your skin. Your skin will thank you for it as you age! Plus, I could never sleep with a dirty face-yuck! I hope some of my tips have helped you wash your face and improve your skin! Here is another blog I have done on this subject. Some of the same info, but some new and updated on this current post… Check it out You know that saying, "A minute on your lips, a lifetime on your hips?" Same principle applies here. Not taking a minute (or a few actually!) on your face, will show for a lifetime! -Kerrie

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