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Hey beautiful people,

I have been wanting the OCC Lip Tars for quite a while, like a year. The Glam Goddess had some for a giveaway on her page last year and that is when I first discovered them. I decided Christmas was a great time to ask. My lovely sister Kellie bought me the Mini pack from Sephora. Here is what I think of them:

I love them!!!!!

Yup, sure do. I love the way they look in the package, I love the way you put them on with the cute little brush, and I love the way they look and feel! There's not much not to love, except one color did bleed, even with lip liner on. (read below on how to help that!) A few of the colors stain, so that's good or bad depending on how you look at it! They weren't hard to remove with some makeup remover though. If you want some color but don't want to wear a lot of lipstick, apply one of the red shades and blot off. Bingo- color for hours!!!

They are a little brighter in the picture because I used my flash setting.

"Anime" is my favorite; it really is a gorgeous color.

"Nsfw" is a delicious red, it would be fantastic with thick black eyeliner.

"Black Dahila" is better in the pic than in person. I personally think it's a little dark. Next time I will mix it with a lighter color and see what happens. It is the one that bled, even with lip liner. I did see a video on that says it shows you how to correctly apply it and not get the bleeding. I had already taken a million pictures though, so perhaps next time I will watch it first. They have several videos so head over and check them out.

"Memento" is a very nice, soft color, good if you want to wear really bold eye makeup or just a nice pretty everyday look.

Overall, I would buy more of these. Expensive, yes, however I think they will last a while, and they do last on your lips a very long time. Sometimes you pay a little more for better quality, and that's a good thing... who wants to have to go to Ulta all the time for more makeup....wait..just kidding, of course we do!!!

I would love to try these-

I am already hearing feedback on my page that you guys love them as well. Yay!

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