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Rooster Hair & Red Lips + OOTD

I rarely go out anymore, mainly because i don't like seeing the SAME damn people everywhere i go. When my bestfriend called me about going out i was fixing my lips to say "HELL NO" lol but she asked me if i wanted to go to this club inside a casino in Tunica,Ms called "Push". I thought to myself "Sure, why not Debz, it's like 45 mins from Memphis so you won't see the same faces". Now i've heard of this place and always wanted to check it out and so i did......

"Rooster Hair", H&M tshirt dress, Snakeskin print clutch, Ebay Spike necklace

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The club was huge,the music was good, and the people were friendly. This lady even came up to me,told me she LOVED my hair and bought me a shot just because... thanks hair! #winning. Overall it was a GREAT night, i ssooo needed it and definitely plan on checking that club out again!

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