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The lovely beauty box- December

What a great box- December!!

I have curly hair but straighten it most of the time because it is so frizzy, maybe this box of curly-head goodies can help!
Here is what I received, again, well worth the monthly subscription fee.

Curls Goddess Glaze- Curl Gel
"For effortless, frizz free curls".
14$ for an 8oz on their web site. I received 8oz sizes on both of these, so the subscription box has already paid for the 20$ monthly fee with these two items!
This is step 4 of a system they have for curly hair.

This is a statement off their web site:
" Ideal for THICK curly hair
Infused with Plumeria Alba Flower Extract and Aloe leaf juice, this botanical gelle imparts sheen, fights frizz, and creates popping curls! The perfect product for curlies in humid climates to provide all day curl definition and to protect against a curly girls worst nightmare, FRIZZ! Great product to use before traveling... to set and keep your curls in place. "

also from "Curls"

Curls Milkshake- Light Curl Lotion 18$ for 8oz on Curls web site.
"For effortless, frizz free curls"
This goes along with the step above in their system. This is for fine curly hair, so I wouldn't have bought it for myself but will try it now that I have it! They seem to be geared towards women of different Ethnicity's then me but I think this may still work for me, I will give it a shot!
They are not tested on animals, have no sulfates, silicone's, parabens or mineral oils.

They have sample sets you can buy on their site, from 22$ dollars to 25$. I would definitely check those out! On the web site, it says you can buy this at various locations including Target, Nordstrom Rack and Cvs!
A pamphlet with information about their products and two coupons was included also.

A small sized OPI Nail Lacquer came!
I can't tell you the color because it's so dark, I can't read it on the bottle! It's a very dark grey with some sparkle. I found a swatch online and it's from the Skyfall collection "Let them have polish". I will be excited to try it when my nails aren't soo short, don't ya hate that!

Did you know that OPI features nail blogs?? I didn't until just now. Go read about it and see if it apply's to you...

Butterfly and Duckbill clips!!
I could always use more hair clips in any fashion. I've never used the duckbill ones but I bet they would help while I am cutting or straighting my hair! Hair clips have a tendency to walk away from my house so I am always glad to have extra!

Last but certainly not least in this months box were some false eyelashes, yeah! I'm honestly not perfect at applying these. Theirs no name and no glue so maybe these were just an extra bonus!!! I can easily go buy some glue, although I'm sure I probably have some around here anyway!

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