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Twist Out Pony + A Pic Of My Straight Hair

I wanted to try something different with my hair after washing it this time. I usually just let it air dry to its natural texture but this time i wanted to try a different look. I didn't know how this was going to turn out as i've never tried a twist out on my natural kinky hair,mainly because it's been to short to twist.

I know i look like crap,no laughing *points finger at you*
I didn't like the way it looked all down so i gathered it all up into a kind of pony tail thingy

As I was looking at the ponytail it reminded me of a look i've worn before! I was thinking and thinking and thinking and BAM i remembered that back in 2009 I wore a Phony pony that looked like this. I had to search and search for a pic to show you guys.....

So i'm just gonna prepare myself for people to ask me at work all day "Uhh what kinda hair dat is??" or " Is dat yo huuur?!" lol

Earlier last week I rocked my hair straight but it only looked good for ONE day! Like,the second day it was reverting,poofing,frizzing,just everything bad chile. I hated having my hair straight and I wondered why i even bothered to straighten it *rubs chin*. While it was straight i did clip my ends cause they were a mess.

Pinned all my hair to the side and fluffed it a bit

I didn't realize how much my hair had grown until i straightened it, i've never seen it grow this fast so i must be doing something right..right? I'm ready to get my box braids but I was told that the one lady i trusted to do my hair was like deported earlier this year after being caught selling knock offs, i was like "Damn what about my hair" *so mean of me*. Back to the drawing board, i really want to braid it up so i don't have to worry about it for a good month or so. Have a good Monday dolls!


Hello to all my new followers *waving* and thanks for visiting my blog

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