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Changing Faces

Hey everyone amd happy friday to you all!

I was talking with my girlfriend when i was in Atlanta this past weekend. She's a makeup artist and esthetician. She was looking at my face and she said " You use MAC don't you?" I'm like yeah why? She goes on to tell me how bad their foundation is for skin and how she could look at my face and tell i use it. Now for a long time i have been wanting to get away from MAC foundation and use something more natural. I've been loyal to the brand for over a decade but i know i need something better. I've just always felt that my skin couldn't breathe.

I don't have sensitive skin but it does get quite oily. My bestfriend is also a makeup artist and esthetician and she's always told me that i should adopt a better skin care regimen. Now i know that you have to have a good skin care regimen along with good products and i have been trying to stay on top of my skin care. Both of my friends have BEAUTIFUL FLAWLESS skin! Don't believe me? Look at them.....

My girl Nyda in Atlanta

My B.F.F. Erica, the girl doesn't even have dark circles! Ughhh

So now i ask you america, what do YOU think about your foundation? What brand do you use? Any suggestions on a great breatheable foundation?

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