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Gym Talk? Ehhhh Please Don't :-/

Before i started my workout today i stepped on the scale since i know i haven't been to the gym in a week, i wanted to see where i was at so i would know just how hard i needed to work. I've since gained 4lbs and i know that may not seem like alot to you guys but for me it was shocking!

When i go to the gym i try to dress decent because for me if i wear a huge baggy tshirt & faded old shorts i'm going to be looking at myself in the mirrors like "look at you,you're a cow!" I find i workout more when i'm in bright colors and such because i feel good about my outfit and i think about how much BETTER i will look once i get to my goal weight :-)

When i go to the gym i'm already on serious workout mode, meaning i don't socialize or sit around i go there to handle my "bizness" and be outsky! Sometimes i see people i know from around the way and i may chit chat for a second then i'm off to my workout. I try to get to the gym during hours when i know there aren't alot of people there because i don't like people staring at me or guys making googly eyes at me ya know.

Now, it seems like some people just don't get it. I've had a few people talk to me about my hair which i don't mind but i can't have a deep discussion about how i transitioned,products i use,how i get it to curl the way it does and so on and so forth. I can't focus on my workout when that happens.

This happened today and i was a bit angry because i barely broke a sweat on the treadmill when the lady next to me just wanted to talk and talk and TALK!! I gave the fake laughs,the "ok then girl", and nothing worked. I got off the treadmill after my usual 30min warm up and proceeded to work my legs. The guy on the machine next to me just struck up a convo and i'm like "C'mon man i need to focus" and i told him that but he kept going. I gave him a mean glare,got up, and went to do my usual routine in peace thank GOD.

Do any of you experience these kind of things? Am i just being a mean old hag?

This is TOTALLY me!! LMAO

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