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Has your hair ever been so bad that your perm wouldn't take? Your hair felt limp and it wouldn't even curl?

Well my dear, you are experiencing badly damaged and breaking hair.

It happened to me before, I tried coloring my hair at home and I had hair that was previously highlighted golden brown. Needless to say, once I applied the store bought black dye in my hair it immediately felt smushy when rinsing. Days later it stated falling, it looked mushy and frizzy, and it would NOT hold a curl. I had to cut about 5 inches of hair off and i was mortified.

If you are experiencing something similar to this, it could be a number of things. Below are a list of some of the causes, click the links for the solutions:

  • Over processed hair from perming
  • Burned hair from heat stylers
  • Hair damaged from coloring (which was my case)

Now, when it came to products, I did found monthly protein treatments, weekly deep conditioning, and hot oil treatments helped to nurse my hair back to health. I used porosity control by roux, a mixture of oils and moisturizing conditioner( Aussie conditioner) for my weekly treatments, and Aphogee 2min. protein for my monthly treatments. It took a long time but my hair is healthy again and I will NEVER EVER color my hair AGAIN. (-’_'-)

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