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Hey, I thought of a few great products to cut down your getting ready time:

* Skip the powder! This is hard for me to do, I still feel the need...

AquaSmooth Compact Foundation 7.99 @ Ulta
I typically still wear powder, but when I have tried this in the past..I really didn't need to.

* Lipstick, Lipliner, Blotting etc etc, way to much time, sometimes!

Nivea A kiss of shimmer Lip care around 3 bucks @ Ulta
My sister Kellie has been wearing this alot and she really likes it... Maybe this is why her lips have looked so smooth! She's kinda the lip liner queen, so if she feels you can get away with this, rock it!

* Don't like heavy foundation but want some color thats mosturizing???

Elf Tinted Mosturizer is your best friend then!
It is actually more than a tinted mosturizer, more color, but not too heavy. I really liked it and best of all it's around 3.00 ! I have bought it at Target but you can get it at Ulta stores and online @ E.L.F.

Hope that helps, more tips coming soon!!

- Kerrie

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