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I ♥ Tea!!

I really do love tea, i probably drink a cup every morning. I have like 8 or 9 different teas in my cabinet and i just love experimenting with different flavors. I am drinking mostly green tea because i am on this diet craze. I really like the green tea I'm drinking right now, it doesn't need much sweetener. I add a little bit of honey and that's it. I have it every morning with my breakfast and i feel like i have this energy boost when i drink a full cup. When i can't sleep, a nice cup of chamomile tea helps calm me and send me off to dream land

Here's some awesome reasons you should be
drinking tea too

  • Tea has less caffenine than coffee
  • Tea helps reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Tea is calorie free(unless you add sweetner/milk)
  • Tea increases your metabolism

Have a great day y'all

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