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LA BELLA DONNA- Minerals on the go!


I am so happy to be reviewing this for you.
It is LA BELLA DONNA Minerals On- The- Go.
(no chemicals or fillers!!)

Here are some features of this product that appeals to me and my skin:

(These are taken directly from the web site)
healthy minerals, heal, soothe, calm, do not irritate
-does not clog pores
-natural non-chemical sun protection - provides a full spectrum sun block protecting your skin from all harmful UVA, UVB infrared rays all day without re-application
-light refractive quality reduces appearance's of lines and wrinkles
Not that I have any wrinkles... :)

It provides a light, medium, or full application that you dial to your specific needs. This set is so classy looking and what a great concept to have the product and the brush together in one. Saves me time and space in my makeup bag!

I have some redness on my cheek from sun damage, which is why I am so grateful that this provides full sun protection. Check out the picture and look at the difference. A very easy, fast way for me to cover up my redness! I think it did a amazing job!

Here is a direct link to their page for this product, There are so many colors to chose from that I am sure you will find one that is perfect for you.
The Price: $ 65.00 (refill is 28.00 5 grams)
Save money and the environment!
* The web site says that it goes well with this gel creme product-, so you may want to check that out as well!

LA BELLA DONNA has a wide range of products ranging from skin care needs to makeup (including my favorite product, eyeshadow! They have items for guys needs as well.
Check them out online and follow them so you won't miss out!

Special Note- Make sure you read the page on their web site "What's new". They are featuring Heart Awareness month and a precious little boy.

The links are below!
I hope you enjoyed my review. I am having a Valentine's contest to win one of these beauties. (starting tomorrow!)
Visit my page and tell your friends-

Make sure you enter the contest! (Posted tomorrow)- Kerrie

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