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My Clothes Are Falling Off :-D

I'm getting here :-)

Yesterday i was going through my clothes trying clothes on to see what i could fit and not fit. I was pleasantly surprised to see the skinny jeans i could not wear 6 months ago now not only slipped on with ease BUT they are too big *grins hard*. Makes me thankful i skipped the hotwing and fry feast my co-workers were grubbing on the other day!

Well, before i realized it i was pulling everything out of my closet and piecing outfits together. I put like 9 outfits together but 7 were for spring/summer and 2 are wearable for the current weather. I feel good and i was super proud of myself for putting together so many cute outfits when i was thinking i needed to do a BIG shopping spree to get me ready for the spring/summer. I also didn't realized just HOW MANY dresses i have until today. Like i am a dress girl, in the summer i'm rocking a dress 90% of the time be it day or night. I have a lot of club dressses yet i don't really club anymore :-/ My friends would call my style of club dresses the "Deb'z dress" lol. Well now i'm no longer "cool" cause i ain't club hopping like i use to chile, i can't be in the club a good hour before i start yawning and looking at my watch like " Dang it's 12:30? I gots to get home to my bed" lol

Anywho,i'm rambling sawy. What i REALLY wanted to tell you gals about is this super cool website that lets you click on the body part you want to work on and then gives you exercises you can do at home. Check it out!

Click Here

Have a banana... it doesn't hurt to eat healthy ;-)

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